Linked Open Data – Everything is Connected(!/?)

Linked data and linked open data are batted about as buzzwords in digital humanities and digital library communities. Compared to the siloed and complex data of individual institutional repositories and databases, this model offers something different, radically (maybe, too radically?) simple, and inherently reusable across platforms.

I’d like to propose a session that briefly introduces and discusses the basic principles of LD and LOD (i.e. URIs, relationship vocabularies, existing LOD datasets) and examines some LOD project examples (e.g. Linked Jazz, Syriaca).

Ultimately, this talk session would be a discussion of the possible opportunities and drawbacks of using this “schema-neutral” data format, as well as a space to brainstorm: how would/could a scholar develop an LOD project? where would you find/reconcile/store your data? what kind of visualization or API would you build, assuming you had the resources at your disposal?


Everything is connected GIF from IT Crowd