Talk Session Proposal: Digital Project Revival?

After initially flourishing, many wonderful digital humanities projects languish. There are many reasons for this. Maybe the funding dries up. Maybe key project participants move away. Maybe the technology underpinning the project changes or becomes unavailable. Maybe the initial research question has changed.

Some of these projects merit renewal, continued support and/or preservation. Others may not. Some may benefit from upgraded or new technology. Some may benefit from another round of funding, or an infusion of new/different expertise.

Inspired by my experiences running the Austin Fanzine Project, and participating in a couple of institutionally-based projects, Althea Logan and I are working to define the questions that need to be asked when considering paths forward for these kinds of projects.

Have you been involved with a project of this kind? We want to hear about challenges and opportunities you’ve experienced or considered. What stands in the way of your project’s progress? How could these roadblocks be cleared?