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Proposal for a session in which you offer to lead a group discussion on a topic or question of interest.

Using an Unconference Model in Faculty Development for Digital Humanities and Pedagogy

I’m thinking about a talk session that explores the nature of faculty development programming in digital humanities and pedagogy, comparing the standard workshop model (presentation/facilitation of content/training by one or more “experts”) with a THATCamp style unconference model. Have any of you tried/experienced “unconference” style faculty development? The question is raised in part by the […]

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Talk Session Proposal: Digital Project Revival?

After initially flourishing, many wonderful digital humanities projects languish. There are many reasons for this. Maybe the funding dries up. Maybe key project participants move away. Maybe the technology underpinning the project changes or becomes unavailable. Maybe the initial research question has changed. Some of these projects merit renewal, continued support and/or preservation. Others may not. […]

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Texas Regional DH Communities:TXDHC

Talk session: Related to DF talk on “Of Institutions, Initiatives, and the Importance of Regional Academic Communities: Building NYCDH” After listening to this presentation,  wanted to discuss their methods of keeping their Regional Academic Communities going, and what methods/strategies/structures people are interested in for the Texas Regional DH Community. Link to TXDHC site 

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Towards a Humanities and Data Science Syllabus

Over the past five years, “data science” has become a major force, as companies strive to gain insight into customer behavior, researchers look for patterns in large collections of data, and educational institutions aim to train the next generation of data scientists. (Rice has recently launched its own data science initiative.) Humanists have rich data […]

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Digital Project Management

Talk session proposal As we do more and more long term, large scale projects I am curious about how different institutions are managing them. Bring an example of a project you participated in (in planning stages, in process or completed) and what strategies you use to facilitate them. What strategies/workflows policies worked? What did not? How […]

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Session Proposal: “Such a Character”

This goes in the Talk about Teaching category. I’m interested in discussing and seeking suggestions on a behind-the-scenes lesson from my corpus linguistics class, which involves students working on an interactive OCR task. The assignment has evolved as I’ve worked on ways for them to understand why OCR works and doesn’t work, and how to […]

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